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Hello Everyone,

I have been talking to an assistant Producer from Swan Films about a documentary. The documentary is about exploring a diversity of sexual preferences and practices with a psychotherapist called Philippa Perry.
One of the preferences is amputees. The producer would love to speak with some devotees and explore your intake on the devotee world.
I have spoken with her in regards to a life as an amputee. She is very sweet and super nice!! Please don’t hesitate to contact her, Molly Schneider. She is based in London, which is 8 hours ahead of California time. Here is her info:
Molly Schneider
Assistant Producer of Swan Films
T: 44 (0) 20 3095 9791
M: 44 (0) 7711 040 606

XOxo, Brittney

Let’s help a fellow amputee :)

Please help this amputee. Her name is Kim. Kim is a quad amputee. She survived sepsis but not before it took all of her limbs. She is a mother of 3 young children. Let’s please help donate what we can to get her the help she needs! Here is the link:

XOxo, Brittney

Website Still Undergoing Maintenance

The maintenance is taking a little longer, but worth the wait!! The site will be updated as soon as possible. I have also filmed the Q&A video and will be added in a couple weeks. I want to thank everyone for your patience, thank you.

XOxo, Brittney

Question &Answer Video!

Please make sure to email me your questions on or before Saturday. Thank you!!

XOxo, Brittney