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These are just a handful of the many thousands of sexy and HARDCORE amputee photos you’ll see inside my members area. I post new galleries several times a month, and I take requests from my members. Want to see me wearing a certain outfit, or in a scene you’ve been fantasizing about? I’m adventurous and love to make my members happy, so let me know what you want to see.

The Sexiest Amputee On The Web!

Brittney here to show the world beauty isn’t just a fashion model, but a confident woman! Why be ashamed of who you are? Show off your inner and outer beauty! Losing my leg at a young age hasn’t stopped me to live a wonderful life. During my life, I was able to come in contact with some amazing and beautiful disabled people, who were ashamed of their disability. Why? Having a disability is a GIFT and should be shown and not hidden.